Planning a Day-Long Stream

Last week we talked about how I might launch a product on EntrepreNerd - or even EntrepreNerd itself. In the process of explaining it, I learned that it’s essentially just asking people to support you all at once to generate hype. There’s nothing special to it, besides getting people to help you spread the word all at once, in the hope of creating some virality. You can watch the stream here.

This weekend we played some “Suits” and had a bunch of fun. The game got a little weird. We fought a dinosaur enemy and the background music was a guy yelling “Dinosaur” over and over. Check out the replay here.

This week's stream will be on planning a day-long live stream, where I’ll try to build a little internet business from start to finish before we log off. Might take 4 hours, might take 12, but we’ll plan everything I’ll do and how to promote it.

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Hope to see you there. :)