One Week Startups with Brett Chang | EntrepreNerd Live Stream

I talk with Brett about his newsletter, "One Week Startup" and the accessibility of no-code entrepreneurship.

Hey nerd,

On Wednesday I had an amazing discussion with Brett Chang, the Co-Founder of Leaf Forward and a generally amazing entrepreneur. He runs a newsletter very similar to my live stream, called One Week Startup, where he documents the process of how to build a small company or project in a week or less.

And this past Saturday, we played “Dark Sales” - a goofy business recreation of Dark Souls, and talked about how to outsource smaller, more time-consuming tasks to freelancers UpWork. You can watch the replay here.

This coming Wednesday, from 12-1:30pm (EST), we’ll be building an online course, live! I’ve wanted to experiment with this for a while. Thinkific will likely be our tool of choice.

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