Building an Online Course | EntrepreNerd Live Stream

I built an online course in about an hour on how to hack ProductHunt and AngelList!

Hey nerd,

On Wednesday we built out a tiny online course with Thinkific - it literally took us an hour. I pre-recorded about half an hour of content around how to hack ProductHunt and AngelList - two niche techy platforms - and we slapped into the format of a two-step online course.

Thinkific has a whole lotta stuff. I was shocked by how fully functional a platform it was - and I was able to test and experiment for free!

We’re going to try to sell it, and use it as a lead magnet. I’ll be learning A/B testing on the next stream to do that.

And this past Saturday, we played “Dark Sales” - a goofy business recreation of Dark Souls, and talked about consulting and my quest to find clients. You can watch the replay here.

This coming Wednesday, from 12-1:30pm (EST), we’ll be A/B testing the online course we built on the last stream. There are specific tools to A/B test landing pages and digital goods, but I’m going to do it without anything I have to pay for because we’re cheap here.

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