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Quora, YouTube, Google, Snapchat, and Facebook Ads
Affiliate marketing, new tools, and the start of Marketing Month. >:)
How to make a class online, when to outsource your projects, and how I got a tiny two-hour consulting gig.
Sales strategies from a few of my mentors, a quick SEO hack, and A/B testing without fancy software.
Using pre-built templates if you can't design, and building an online course in under an hour.
I built an online course in about an hour on how to hack ProductHunt and AngelList!
I talk with Brett about his newsletter, "One Week Startup" and the accessibility of no-code entrepreneurship.
We interviewed a startup pro, talk about privacy policies, and experiment with outsourcing!
Finding content sponsors, leveraging short videos, and setting up an e-comm site.
Brett Chang | EntrepreNerd LivestreamLast week: We talk about finding sponsors, and how simple it can be to reach out via LinkedIn and email.You can watch the replay here! We also p…
Finding Sponsors | EntrepreNerd LivestreamLast week we talked about how we can try to hack ProductHunt. It’s super valuable to have followers on the platform, but how do you grow a follo…