Good to see you here :)

My name is Max, I call myself the “EntrepreNerd.”
I experiment with entrepreneurship every week and document everything I learn here.

I haven’t sold a giant company, but I've built tons of little startups and I know how we learn entrepreneurship. Every founder I’ve interviewed, myself included, taught it to themselves through experimentation.
I’m still learning, and I’m recording my experiments here so you can learn with me.

There are massive misconceptions around entrepreneurship online. To get started, you don’t need a “million-dollar idea”, you don’t need investment or shark tank, you don't need to code, and Silicon Valley blows everything way out of proportion.

Entrepreneurship is about finding a problem, solving it in a simple way, and then selling your solution to everyone with the problem. In fact, I created this newsletter because I personally had a problem finding realistic education on entrepreneurship, and wanted to make a solution for people like me.

I live-stream all my experiments each week as well, and if you’re interested in watching those, you can subscribe here. However, I’m only able to go a certain level of depth, and behind the scenes I’m building, testing, and learning a ton that I’m not able to express in 90 minutes.

If you subscribe to this newsletter, every Monday morning you’ll get:

  • An exclusive video tutorial on a new tool or hack I used

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  • Polls to help me decide what I experiment and document next

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I would love it if you joined me. Let’s build something awesome.